ConGen2025 Getting There

ConGen Global 2025 will be hosted by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) Research and Conservation Center in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, and supported by CCF-Global, a conservation research institution with an outstanding reputation, excellent facilities, and a dedicated species conservation mission (

The researchers at CCF collaborate on numerous research projects in conservation genetics, biology, and ecology with several institutions in Africa, Europe, and the Americas.  The CCF has a track record of organizing and hosting international conferences and scientific workshops, such as the International Cheetah Conservation Biology Courses (CCF), Conservation Genetics and Wildlife Surveying Course (University of Namibia), Earth Expeditions (Miami University), and Rufford Foundation Learning Event (Rufford Foundation, UK) for students and professionals from Namibia and internationally.

Situated 44km east of the city of Otjiwarongo, CCF is a full-scale conservation non-governmental organization dedicated to saving the cheetah and its ecosystem. The organization focuses on keeping cheetahs in the wild and public education, providing sanctuary to injured or orphaned cheetahs that cannot be released back into the wild. The CCF’s Research and Education Centre, which overlooks the beautiful Waterberg Plateau (see below), offers numerous opportunities for observing and photographing the surrounding wildlife and learning about cheetahs. This makes it a particularly suitable location for courses related to wildlife, conservation, and environmental studies.

The Waterberg Plateau Park, located east of Otjiwarongo and bordering CCF land, is a significant educational and ecological site. This national park, declared in 1972, covers a surface area of 400 km² and features a characteristic Table Mountain that rises about 200 meters above the surrounding area. The park’s top layers consist of porous rock, allowing for lush vegetation and a diverse ecosystem at the mountain’s foot. The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including rhinoceros, African buffalo, giraffes, antelopes, leopards, cheetahs, over 90 other mammal species, and 200 bird species. The park offers educational activities and immersive experiences in wildlife observation and conservation studies.

On this page you will find links, maps, and helpful visitor information. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Air Travel:
Most visitors to Namibia arrive by air, the majority flying via Johannesburg in South Africa. South African Airways offers the convenience of direct flights to Windhoek.

The only direct flight to Namibia from Europe is from Frankfurt, Germany.  The airlines flying from Germany to Namibia are Discover Airlines, SWISS, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines.

Ground transportation: