ConGen2025 Faculty

Course Director

  • Stephen J. O’Brien: ConGen Chief and Founder, Professor and Research Director, NOVA Southeastern University, FLORIDA, USA, Member of the National Academy of Sciences (USA),


  • Taras K. OleksykAssociate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Oakland University, MICHIGAN, USA;  Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, PUERTO RICO; and Department of Biology, Uzhhorod National University, UKRAINE,
  • Laurie GoodmanEditor-in-Chief, GigaScience, Oxford University Press and the Beijing Genomics Institute; Publishing Director for GigaScience Press, PRC
  • Klaus P. Koepfli: Conservation Biologist and Research Scientist, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, USA
  • Eduardo EizirikFull Professor, Laboratory of Genomics and Molecular Biology, School of Health and Life Sciences, PUCRS, BRAZIL