ConGen2025 Contacts

Chief Organizer:

  • Stephen J. O’Brien, Advisory Editor; American Genetic Association; Professor, Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center, Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Nova Southeastern University, 8000 North Ocean Drive, Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33004 USA; Professor, Harvard University, T.H Chan School of Public Health; Research Fellow, Smithsonian Institution.

The Organizing Committee

  • Anne Schmidt-Küntzel (Assistant Director for Animal Health and Research, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia)
  • Taras K. Oleksyk (Oakland University, Michigan; University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine)
  • Klaus Peter Koepfli (Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation, George Mason University, USA)
  • Laurie Goodman (Executive Editor, GigaScience)
  • Cindy Harper, University of Pretoria Veterinary College, South Africa)
  • Emma Teeling, (University College Dublin, Ireland)
  • Eduardo Eizirik (PUCRS, Brazil)

Local Hosts:

  • Laurie Marker, Founder and Executive Director- Cheetah Conservation Fund Otjiwarongo Namibia
  • Ezequiel Chimbioputo Fabiano, Department of Wildlife Management and Ecotourism, University of Namibia, Namibia

International Advisory Committee:

  • Oliver Ryder (San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, Institute for Conservation Research, California).
  • Shu-Jin Luo (Peking University, PRC);
  • Brian Bowen (University of Hawaii, Hawaii Institute of Marine, Biology, Hawaii);
  • Scott Baker (Marine Mammal Institute, University of Oregon, Oregon).
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